Corporate trainings within WEGO2 projects recently have started in Ruse. The main goal is to raise awareness on the topic of domestic violence in business and to provoke commitment to the problem.
Mainly the trainings are attended by women. Some of the invited companies refused to join the trainings explaining that “domestic violence” is a family issue. Case of coronavirus in a company postponed the training.

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Diana Georgieva from CSCD Sofia met with the team of Ruse Trade and Industrial Company, where she presented the WEGO2 project, the results achieved so far, the active activities and the future plans of the partners. As part of the corporate training after that, the expert focused on the different types of violence, the consequences for the victims themselves, as well as for business and society.

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Gender-based violence is a problem invariably linked to the lack of equality between men and women, and most often to the economic dependency of partners in a relationship that can very often be the cause of violence and abuse. On April 26, 2016, Bulgaria adopted the Gender Equality Law, which aims to guarantee equal opportunities for both sexes. What did the country achieve 4 years later and what else is needed to achieve for a golden environment?

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