The training was part of GEAR project - Gender Equality and Antidiscrimination for Roma.

Students from grades 9 to 12 talked about the rights of women and men, their positions in the labor market, what discrimination is and how to oppose it. They had the opportunity to describe their ideas of a successful woman and a successful man, and also to tell what qualities they think modern young men and women should possess.

The young people gave interesting answers, as according to them, being successful is not only associated with material wealth, but also with job satisfaction, as well as with happy and harmonious family relationships.

They also worked on a number of cases related to gender discrimination in the labor market. The topics of sexual exploitation in the workplace, as well as domestic violence, were not left out. Important aspects such as mental, verbal and financial abuse were noted here.

Trainer Ms. Stanimira Hadjimitova emphasized economic empowerment as a method of exiting an abusive intimate relationship or achieving equality. For this purpose, the youth were divided into "family" teams, where each family had to allocate its family budget. A positive trend stood out in that each of the families, even those placed in the most difficult conditions, had foreseen certain funds for saving for emergencies.

During the training, a number of ideas emerged for the topics of different broadcasts in the future European youth Roma online radio, which will start in a few months. After a discussion the young people also gave suggestions for a name for the radio, which they are about to agree with their peers from Belgium, Romania and Italy on a study visit to Sibiu, Romania.

The project continues with training on working with social networks, as well as with programs for recording and processing sound, which will take place in February.



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